Q. How long does my order stay at a store for if I choose pickup?
A. You have 21 days to collect your order, if your order remains uncollected after that time it will be returned to fullfillment and your order will be cancelled.

Q. I don't have a credit card, can I pay in store?
A. Yes, you can make payments via Cash or Debit Card at any of our locations when you collect your order in store.

Q. How safe is it to shop online using my credit card?
A. At Micles we take every precaution to ensure that your information is safe. Our payment gateway is fully secured so that you can feel safe to pay online hassle free.


Q. Can I track my order?
A. Yes. We will supply you with a tracking number when your order is shipped via TTPost Courier or DHL. For pick-up in store orders no tracking number will be issued, however you will receive a phone call once it arrives at the selected store location.

Q. I've placed an order and requested pickup, when will it be available?
A. Once an order ir received and packaged it will be delivered to the pickup location within two business days. You will received a phone call when it is ready for pickup.

Q. My Order has not arrived.
A. In the event that the shipper has misplaced your order we will go through the necessary steps to locate or replace your order.

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